The Hard Facts of Soft Drinks


Soft drinks have become a part of our modern life. We all consume it regularly without a second thought. Be it a social gathering, business meeting or meeting people generally. Many of us gulp it in minutes without knowing how it affects out physical health.

The moment it enters our body, our pancreas quickly starts to make insulin because of its excessive sugar. As we know insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which is used by the body to move sugars (carbohydrates) from food into the circulation. These sugars are used by the cells for energy purpose. In 20 minutes of consuming these drinks, the blood glucose level increases and our liver starts storing the excess sugar in the form of fats, thus leading to obesity.

Soft drinks have Sodium Benzoate which mixes with the diet and decreases the amount of Potassium in our body and this sometimes reacts to Asthma  and skin aggravation.  The high responsive solvents present in soft drinks when mixed with saliva become acidic in nature, this influences negatively to the delicate skin in the mouth. With every sip of it, the teeth decrease by some percentage.

Soft drinks have high amount of fructose syrup which is associated with increased risk of metabolic disorders which further increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

One out of 55 deaths everyday are caused by heart stroke which is an after effect of drinking soft drinks.

Many soft drinks contain Phosphoric acids which disturbs the digestive system. Also it increases the odds of kidney stone.

The Endocrine System of the body is affected by tar present in the soft drink. This tar contains BPA ie Biphenyl A which is similar to tumour causing compound found in water bottles and tinned products. All this can bring the untimely adolescence in the body. By the use of these drinks, calcium is urinated along with phosphoric acids, this leads to thinning of bones and calcium deficiency.

Within minutes of drinking these, there is sugar over burdening and glucose shoots. Insulin is secreted in large amounts and every thing goes haywire in the body

So, avoid this carbonated water which is highly sweetened, artificially flavoured, has high fructose corn syrup or sugar substitute, contains caffeine, colouring and preservatives.

Switch to coconut water, lemon water, fresh vegetable, fruit juices, butter milk, milkshakes, smoothies, tea, iced tea and other natural drinks.