This website is singlehandedly handled by Geeta Seth as her passion is to understand the clients very own personal body type and metabolism. She believes in diet designing as in-spite of being the same height, weight and age; the person still needs different diets to suit his/ her body type. With the proper knowledge and history of the patient along with the health history of his/ her parents, Geeta designs the diet. Suppose the patients, parents or one of the parent is a diabetic, then Geeta puts the patient on a low glycemic index carbs and hurriedly reduces his/ her weight along with post meals short walks, so that the patient has no carbohydrate load on the body to get into the mode of pre-diabetes.

Geeta believes why diet designing is personal as one can see that for one person drinking milk daily makes him/ her feel energetic, light and encourages better sleep and at the same time another person taking milk can have stomach upset, feels drowsy and develops gases. So, the same diet does not work for two different persons.

Geeta Seth's diets are scientifically designed, and different for each person. For one person's bread can bring energy, for another it can give a hyper insulin reaction yet for another it can accelerate fat deposition.

She personally feels that use of slimming pills does not bring the weight down but it suppresses hunger. The pills also remove the fluid from body. Once you stop the pills, the weight comes back. Also, skipping meals will not make a person lose weight but make him/her more tired, get the metabolism slow, provide low nutrition to the body and the person will end up snacking more.

She feels its a myth that all carbs are bad. Processed carbs and white flour are high in sugar and bring a load to the body making it a welcoming place for diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other obesity related diseases. On the other hand, eating the right carbs like brown rice, fruits, whole bread, beans nourishes the body.

Dieting is a practice of eating food in a limited and regulated manner to reduce weight, which cannot be continued for a life time. So, bring few healthy and scientific changes to your food pattern and live healthily.

Remember, For good health, the body heals itself provided you give it a chance.

Being over weight or obese can put a person to the following health issues:


Cardiovascular diseases

Sleep Apnoea


PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)


Low fertilety

Irregular mensturation

Slow wound healing